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News on Brännskär
opening may 2024

Now you can live in furnished tents on Brännskär. A real nature experience in the middle of the archipelago with a touch of luxury. Combine your glamorous camping with any of our services on the island.


- Sauna - Breakfast - Café - Pizza - Smoked Fish - Kajak - SUP -


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Tents with an ocean view
suitable for 1-4 persons


At Brännskär's Glamping, there are four spacious tents, each designed for two people. It's easy to make room for four sleeping places with additional beds. The tents have a diameter of 5 meters and a floor area of 20 m2. They are equipped with a double bed, furniture, electricity, a small refrigerator, utensils, a gas stove, and outdoor furniture.


New for 2024, we also offer two smaller tents that are perfect for two people. The tents have a diameter of 3 meters and a floor area of 7 m2. They are equipped with a double bed, electricity, and outdoor furniture. They are placed so close to the beach that you can hear the waves and enjoy a fantastic sea view.

The tent fabric is waterproof and UV-resistant. The sides of the tents can be folded up, and the mosquito net along the tent wall prevents unwanted critters from spoiling your experience.

At the glamping site, there are outdoor toilets, drinking water, and a dishwashing point. Just 300 meters away, you'll find showers, a barbecue area, and a swimming beach.


What is Glamping?

Glamping is a new word that combines the words camping and glamour. It is a popular form of recreation that combines the best of camping (the nature experiences, simplicity and sense of freedom) with convenience and sophistication.  


Enjoy spending a night in the middle of nature without giving up any comfort when staying at our glamping tents. Leave the hassle of bringing your own tent and arrive to a already built camping site! 

Book your stay
suitable for 1-4 persons

It’s easy to book your own Glamping tent through our booking site. The Glamping is open 16.5 - 15.9. When booking your stay you can also book breakfast (1.6-30.8), sauna or kayaks. For an extra fee you get your breakfast served all the way to the tent. If you want to combine your tent night with any of our other services, check out what we offer at  Tours and Activities.

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