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Rent your kayak or SUP board in the archipelago from us at Nagu Kayak Rental. You will find us in the northern harbor on the beach at Nagu or at our rental point on the island of Brännskär. Kayking is an easy and good way to get acquainted with nature and the nearby archipelago! Choose between a stable beginner kayak or a fast sea kayak that is also suitable for longer trips. Our friendly and service-oriented staff will help you with the equipment, give tips on paddle routes according to today's weather conditions, and instruct you in safety and paddle technology before the tour starts.


Here you will find all the information you need to rent a kayak or a SUP board from us .

You can book a kajak anytime through

What is included in the rental?

The rental price with us includes everything you need for your paddling: Kayak or SUP board, life jacket, paddle, spray deck, waterproof bag and a map. Anyone who wants can also rent extra paddle equipment such as shoes or dry suit. You will also get a brief overview of safety and paddle technique from our staff. We help you to adjust the kayak to suit you.

kajak sup uthyrning nagu


We have good and very high quality kayaks in our rental range. We have kayaks that are suitable for beginners and more advanced sea kayaks that are suitable for longer paddling trips and for more experienced paddlers. You can either rent a single or a double kayak. If you paddle with smaller children, a double kayak is usually the right choice.

All necessary paddling equipment is included in the rental price, in addition you get a brief introduction by our guides. Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the equipment.

2 hours / 25 €
Extra hours / 5 €
Full day / 45 €
Extra day
/ 25 €

2 hours / 40 €
Extra hours / 10 €
Full day / 70 €
Extra day / 40 €


2 hours / 30 €
Extra hours / 7 €
Full day / 50 €
Extra day
/ 30 €


2 hours / 45 €
Extra hours / 12 €
Full day / 75 €
Extra day / 45 €

sup vuokraus nauvo



Our SUP boards are of high quality, to get a really good experience, it is important to have a good board. Most of our SUP boards are inflatable and easy to rent for the cottage or if you want to paddle somewhere else. We have  ALL-around boards that are suitable for most occasions, but you will also find longer SUP boards that are suitable for more advanced excursions. Also, we have a Jumbo SUP that is suitable for families, you can be two adults and a small child on the same board. A very popular experience.

All necessary paddling equipment is included in the price, plus a brief introduction. We also recommend joining one of our guided SUP tours so you get a little more knowledge and the experience will be much more fun.

1 hour / 20 €
Extra hours / 10 €
Full day / 65 €
Extra day
/ 45 €

JUMBO SUP (Family)
1 hour / 30 €
Extra hours / 15 €
Full day / 100 €
Extra day / 70 €




The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the content and terms of the service offered. If the customer finds unclear information or errors in the information, he / she must report this to Living Archipelago before payment is made. A mutual contractual obligation takes effect when a customer order is placed or the approval of Living Archipelago's offer. The booking is official and a binding agreement is made when the customer registers for the tour or rental of equipment and Living Archipelago receives payment for the booking.



(cancellation made by the customer)


A cancellation made by the participant / customers entitles to the following refunds of the payment:

  • more than 30 days before the start of the activity: 100% refund

  • more than 14 days before the start of the activity: 70% refund

  • more than 7 days before the start of the activity: 35% refund

  • less than seven days before the start of the activity: no refund


If the customer suddenly becomes ill and has a medical certificate of this condition, he / she will receive a full refund of the trip or the rental of equipment.



(cancellation made by Living Archipelago)


In the unlikely event that Living Archipelago would need to cancel the service, we recommend that the customer have a current / updated travel insurance. Travel insurance reimburses changed travel plans in such situations. If circumstances for any reason force Living Archipelago to discontinue the service, we will do our utmost to plan the service in a different but similar manner. If this option does not suit the customer, the customer will receive a refund of the service. In the circumstances where Living Archipelago does not receive enough customers / participants in the guided day tour, they have the right not to complete / perform / execute the guided day tour by sending 7 days before the start of the activity prior information about this to the customer. In these cases, the customer receives a 100% refund of Living Archipelago's fees for the guided day trip.




The kayak equipment and SUP board are only rented to people with the technical and safety skills required to paddle in a dynamic environment. These skills include swimming skills, kayak rescue, understanding of weather and cold water, kayak handling techniques and basic navigation skills.

If you are unsure of your own skills, ask us before you rent. The basic skills needed to use all the equipment will be learned at the beginning of the rental. The customer is responsible for any damage to the equipment during the rental period and will be charged for any repairs. The equipment must be returned in good condition. Living Archipelago has the right to take the equipment from the customer if it is used in an incorrect and harmful manner.

The staff at Living Archipelago also has the right not to rent out the equipment if the customer is drunk or shows bad behavior.

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